Pregnancy Through Pre-Cum is Possible? Lets explain it


Do you know how to get pregnant from pre-cum? Sexual activity comes with a lot of misconceived ideas and pre-notions. The question of pre-cum and the chances of actually getting pregnant from the contents of pre-cum abound in every society. Does pre-cum have the ability to carry live sperms, is it possible that pre-cum alone, without the actual release of sperms can lead to fertilization and eventual pregnancy? What exactly is pre-cum?

Pre-cum facts.

 Pre-cum is more often referred to as pre-ejaculate fluid. It is released from the penis during sexual intercourse. In most occasions, it is colorless and slightly sticky. Usually, most men do not realize the release of pre-cum from their systems since it is non-voluntary. Pre-cum has several uses during sexual intercourse. These are;

  • Lubrication of the urethra for easier flow of the sperm fluid
  • Provides extra lubrication during sex

Can you get pregnant from pre-cum? In itself, the chances of pre-cum containing fertile sperms are minimal. However, some situations would lead to peculiarities in the situation. An earlier and recent ejaculation from either masturbation or sexual intercourse would most probably leave traces of live sperm in the urethra which would definitely flow with the pre-cum. A pregnancy might arise from these leftover sperms in the system.

Importance of pre-cum

Recent study of pre-cum has shown that in most men, the amount of sperms, either dead or alive are below the threshold known to lead to pregnancy. The risk of actual pregnancy, however minimal cannot be ignored especially in young people. It is therefore imperative that preventive measures be put in place to avoid such unwanted circumstances arising. These might include:

  • Urinating before intercourse. Urine will clear the sperms left in the urethra. The pre-cum released after this will therefore be free of all traces of seminal fluid and the sperms itself


Urinating before intercourse is however not a fail-safe prevention to the rare occasions of pregnancy arising from pre-cum. it is advisable that the conventional methods of preventing pregnancy such as the use of condoms and other family planning methods be used  for one to be sure. For more details, you can visit this website

About the Author: Max Daniels